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Diary of a Mad Preacher's Wife by JiffyPop
5th place entry in Diary of a Mad ______

April 12th:

The children keep crying at me to take them to the new park, so we went to check it out. God, there were so many kids there, thought I was gonna have to haul a few to their parents! Kids these days have no manners. Mine were perfect angels of course, but I should have worn a better dress. This neighborhood "frowns" on my attire apparently. I kept getting these weird stares from the other parents, as if I weren't welcome. The children had fun though, a yummy picnic and bike riding is a great diversion from sitting in front of the TV all day long. Tomorrow, diary, I'm going to buy tomatoes.

April 13th:

What a terrific day, the birds were singing, the sun was shining, everything was perfectly in balaWE HAVE COME FOR YOUR SOUL YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE HORRORS THAT WE WILL WREAK UPON YOUR CIVILIZATIONce. The kids sure were better behaved after taking them to the park yesterday. The birds though...the birds they were staring.

at me

July 30th:

They are all birds, they all stare with their lizardly coldblooded gaze. I see them watching but others can't. I must have the gift of interpretation to see them staring when I'm not looking. The crows. It was the Crows they are smart, you know, I heard they can count and bake chocolate cakes on wednesdays.

August 1st:

Today Darrel was a gem, Diary, what a man! That song was right you know. I just love him so much, letting me serve the Lord in my own grace and temperance. I'm so lucky to have a good husband who believes in honorable strong values. This way our children can be raised in a healthy loving environment without society raising them into evil demon goateed satan happens you know, and I know. I see the birds watching and the children becoming birds, little pidgeon sparrows.
some are red and they squeak
some aren't red then they're red when I make them squeak
the children squeak

August 15th:

Praise the Lord I've flushed out the tommyknockers in them, finally, pristine progeny fills my house they watched I did it, it was cleansing it was LOVE the love of the Lord,
Little Esther she was wrought by demons, I spared her soul i did finally
squeak squeak birdie birdie squeak

August 16th:

So when Cain sacrificed Abel to the Lord, the Lord God didn't appreciate it. Now, how much resentment did Cain feel, here he sacrifices the person most important, most loved by him to show his love and willingness to give to the Lord and he gets Expulsed from the Garden like the lowliest of worms. or birds hehehehehehe
And Abel sacrifices lowly beasts and becomes the golden child. I don't think I agree with this part of the Bible. I spoke with Darrel about it, he firmly stands with the Book on this instance. He's so becoming so so
No, Diary, I couldn't believe, he's a man of god, but the sparrows, he keeps preaching about sparrows, and two sparrows and doves and crows.
They spread disease the ravens the rat-bats with girth. The children were playing with one, Darrel I saw...I SAW
talking to
one in our bedroom, It was on the bed it was there in my BED in my ROOM he is scaring me. He denies it just like a man. Just like those Jay-mans, they walk the streets heads of mocking birds, mocking me, laughing and staring their evil red beady eye smiles at me. at ME a woman of god, a godly woman, but Cain was right, Cain was right, and Darrel is wrong and the Lord is wrong. His stare is stronger asking of the children asking where the squeakies are, wanting them wanting squawklings running loose.
He be a demon, too, Diary.
What shall I do?

August 17th:
I have decided that
He shall squeak too.

Word count: 663
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  • Entered: 8/7/2003 10:09:57 PM
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